The New Type Of Life Insurance

Life insurance you don’t have to die to use! Get paid 18 different ways while you’re still alive and create a financial safety net with living benefits.

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 Life insurance is the best kept secret of the rich. It’s the number one tax advantaged asset they use to build and retain wealth year over year and you can leverage it too. It’s important to know not all life insurance is created equal, which is why we specialize in the policies that will make the greatest impact on your retirement savings.

Index Universal Life (IUL)

A permanent form of life insurance that provides death benefit protection for those who depend on you. These policies also come with living benefits at no additional cost which serves as a financial safety net in the event of a terminal, chronic or critical illness along the way. 

 Accumulate cash and access it tax free with out the restrictions of traditional IRA’s, 401k’s, and 403B’s. With an IUL, you get liquidity, safety of principal, predictable rates of return and tax advantages. Nothing else in the IRS Code allows for this!


Preserve those IRA’s, 401K’s, 403B’s and other employer sponsored tax deferred plans that you worked so hard to accumulate. Let us match you with the proper annuity that will place a floor under your money so you don’t lose when markets take a dive. When markets go up, you participate in the gains. 

It’s the primary vehicle for protecting tax deferred savings and rollovers.

Living Benefits

Access all or part of your death benefit at no additional cost. That means if you experience a qualified terminal, chronic, or critical illness/injury, financial resources are at your fingertips.

Living Benefits offer you a powerful financial safety net to help with the expenses that are not otherwise covered Such as:

  • Household expenses
  • Home modifications
  • Regular bills
  • ​Nursing home care
  • ​And more...

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Why Life Insurance?

Why Life Insurance?

Life Insurance serves as the foundation of every successful financial plan. At The Dominion Group of Virginia, we specialize in the New Kind of Life Insurance. 

It’s the kind you don’t have to die to use! In fact, we have policies that can pay you 18 different ways – while you’re alive! With most policies, we provide financial solutions in case you...

Life Insurance serves as the foundation of every successful financial plan. At The Dominion Group of Virginia, we specialize in the New Kind of Life Insurance. 

 It’s the kind you don’t have to die to use! In fact, we have policies that can pay you 18 different ways – while you’re alive!With most policies, we provide financial solutions in case you...

  • Die Too Soon - Protection for the one’s you love
  • Become Ill – With Living Benefits that provide an incredible financial safety net should you be diagnosed with a terminal, chronic, or critical illness. It even provides benefits for critical injuries.
  • Live Too Long – We can help you create Guaranteed Income for Life. This is money you cannot outlive! What would it mean to know you will always have financial resources that will be there as long as you’re alive? Too many people today are faced with running out of money right when they need it the most!

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Cash value life insurance is the single most tax advantaged asset class defined by the IRS Code. When properly designed, a life insurance plan can help you build and retain wealth that can serve as a tax free income stream in retirement. 

It’s the only financial instrument in the IRS Code that allows you to:

Cash value life insurance is the single most tax advantaged asset class defined by the IRS Code. When properly designed, a life insurance plan can help you build and retain wealth that can serve as a tax free income stream in retirement. 

It’s the only financial instrument in the IRS Code that allows you to:

  • Accumulate money TAX FREE
  • Access your money TAX FREE
  • When you die, the money blossoms and transfers to your heirs TAX FREE

Nothing else in the IRS Code allows you to do this! Our plans provide Liquidity, Safety, Predictable Rates of Return, and Tax Advantages.

In addition to the death benefit and the retirement savings, our plans can be utilized for college savings/funding, estate planning, emergency funds, real estate management, working capital for a business, tax reduction, lump sum capital transfers, buy/sell agreements between business partners, pension maximization and more.

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Building Wealth Through Life Insurance Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

Just follow the simple steps below:

Step 1

Book a consultation

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Step 2

Build A Customized Plan

During our consultation we’ll work with you to create a customized plan based on your individual needs that will help you meet your goals.

Step 3

Application Process

Once you’re happy with your plan design, we can move quickly into an electronic application with most carriers. With express underwriting, some applications can beapproved in as little as 24 hours. Others may take a few days for final approval.

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financial planning

Do you know what phase you're in or where you should be? Use the diagram below to understand where you are in your financial planning lifecycle.

Phase 1: Accumulation

Ideally Ages 21 - 50

This is the period where time is ON your side. The majority of your working life is ahead of you which means you can afford to take more risks in your saving and investment strategies.

If you incur losses here, you have more time to make them up. 

But understand that as you approach the second half of the Accumulation Stage, it might make sense to ease back on the risk and take a more moderate position as you approach the next phase.

Phase 2: Preservation

Phase 2: Preservation

Ideally Ages: 51 - Retirement

In this phase, it’s about protecting what you’ve worked so hard to accumulate.

Growth of your retirement savings remains very important here, but this is when a more conservative approach to saving and investing is so important. You want less exposure to market volatility and less risk overall. 

In this phase you have fewer working years ahead of you to make up for significant losses. Your focus here is less on what you make and more on what you keep!

Phase 3: Distribution

During retirement

During the distribution phase, you want to KNOW your money is safe and protected.

You want the assurance that you’re not going to incur losses in the market at a time when you need your money the most. This is when you want to take your chips “off the table.”

It's also important to avoid and/or defer taxes as much as possible. Options are also available to have Guaranteed Income for Life so you can’t outlive your money in retirement.

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Life Insurance

Case Studies

Below you can slide through a number of case studies from past clients and various use cases that may give you an idea of how we can help you! 

Client: Kyle M.
State: Virgina

SITUATION: Young, Single Male Starting Career with No Retirement Savings Plan


Kyle recently finished school and found a job working for a family owned small business. He loves his work and would like to remain there for several years. 

The business does not have employee benefits or a retirement savings plan. At 23, Kyle has a high deductible medical plan through the Exchange but also understands the need to start saving right away. 

 He is looking for a better option than CD’s or passbook savings accounts.


We recommended an Indexed Universal Life Plan for Kyle. With this type of plan, Kyle has top tier life insurance which also comes with Living Benefits and Cash Accumulation. 

 With Living Benefits, Kyle can tap into a significant portion of his death benefit if he is ever diagnosed with a terminal, chronic, or critical illness. It even covers critical injuries. 

 This creates an excellent financial safety net for him going forward because of his high deductible medical coverage. This plan also provides strong cash accumulation which he can convert to a tax free income stream in retirement.


Kyle decided to contribute 5% of his salary or $200 a month to his plan. This is an amount he planned to contribute to a 401k if it were available. 

With this, he secured $238,000 in immediate permanent life insurance with Living Benefits. He is also accumulating cash, TAX FREE in his plan. He also has access that money at any time, TAX FREE. 

 At age 67, Kyle is projected to have $462,000 available to fund his retirement. If he waits until age 70 to start drawing income, that number is projected to be $553,000. 

 If he increases his premiums as his income grows over time, he can accumulate significantly more for his retirement

Client: Jennifer A.
State: North Carolina

SITUATION:  Single Mother Needing Income Protection for Pre-School Daughter


Jennifer is 33 years old, in good health and is a Registered Nurse with a large hospital system. 

She has a four year old daughter and wants to be sure the financial resources will be there to protect her child’s future should the unthinkable happen to her along the way. 

 The level of coverage needed in this case is $780,000which represents 10 years of income and half of her daughter’s college tuition if Jennifer is no longer here to provide it.


We proposed a two-step solution for Jennifer: 

Step 1 – Place 25% of her coverage in permanent cash value life insurance.

Step 2 – Place 75% of her coverage in a term policy with Living Benefits for 20 years.


By placing 25% in permanent cash value coverage, Jennifer locks in $195,000 in permanent coverage at a young age while it's more affordable. 

She will have the added benefit of tax free cash accumulation which can serve as an emergency fund going forward or it can be converted to a tax free income stream in retirement. 

At $585,000, the term policy then carries the bulk of the coverage for 20 years at a much more affordable rate than full permanent coverage. The term policy also comes with Living Benefits which means she can tap up to 90% of the death benefit while she is still alive if she were diagnosed along the way with a terminal, chronic, or critical illness. It even covers critical injuries. 

When her daughter turns 24, the term policy expires. Jennifer will be 53 years old and in her highest income earning years. She will have the option to contribute more money into her permanent coverage boosting her tax free cash accumulation for future needs.

Client: John R.
State: Virginia

SITUATION: Client with Health Issues Converts Inheritance to Death Benefits for His Family


John is 62 years old and is pre-diabetic. He manages his blood sugar with diet/exercise and otherwise leads an active lifestyle. 

He recently inherited $300,000 from a relative and was looking for an option to protect his money for the benefit of his wife and daughter. 

He is looking for a tax-advantaged option that would allow him to pass the bulk of his assets to his heirs tax free.


We matched John with a $100,000 whole life policy with a one-time premium of $9,107. 

This was the maximum her could obtain with his medical condition, but he also qualified for a single premium paid up rider of $200,000. This allowed John to purchase significantly more life insurance. 

John’s one time combined premium of $209,107 yielded a fully paid up life insurance policy for more than $490,000.

John was left with $90,893 out of his original $300,000. We recommended a Single Premium Indexed Annuity which gave John full protection of his principal while allowing him to grow his money over time – tax deferred. 

 John’s annuity also came with a Legacy Death Benefit rider which created a stronger death benefit for his family.


John converted nearly 70% of his inheritance into paid up life insurance generating over $490,000 in immediate death benefit – tax free.

He placed the other 30% into an annuity which allowed him to grow his remaining inheritance tax deferred.

The combined outcome is that John converted $300,000 into $587,496 in immediate death benefits for his family.

Client: Sally A.
State: Georgia

SITUATION:  Retiree Seeks Tax Advantaged Strategy for Passing IRA’s to Her Heirs


Sally is 67 years old and in excellent health. 

She and her husband are retired and receive income from multiple sources each month including pensions, investment income and they both receive social security. 

 Sally has an $800,000 IRA that she would like to leave to her niece and nephew. She does not want to create a tax problem for them upon her passing and is looking for a tax advantaged method to pass this money to her heirs.


We proposed a two step solution for Sally: 

Step 1 – Move the existing $800,000 into an income annuity which allows her to lock in her current market gains and avoid market losses going forward.

Step 2 – Draw down the annuity over a 10-year period converting the after tax proceeds of each distribution into annual premiums for a whole life policy.


By securing her IRA with an annuity, Sally locked in her gains and protected herself from market losses going forward. 

 By drawing down the annuity and converting the distributions into annual life insurance premiums, Sally will have a paid up policy after 10 years. 

Her beneficiaries will receive the death benefit TAX FREE when she passes. Sally also has access to living benefits in her policy which allows her to tap a significant amount of the death benefit if she is diagnosed with a terminal, chronic or critical illness along the way. 


Throughout my professional career, I was a long term contributor to employer sponsored retirement savings plans like 401k’s and 403B’s.

Like most people, I contributed up to the match and thought it was the right path forward.

Then, I experienced first-hand how years of hard earned savings and growth can be wiped out with little or no warning in market crashes.

In 2001 when the Dot.Com bubble burst, I lost 30% of my retirement savings including the growth that went along with it. 

The investment advisors all said “...stay the course...” or “... don’t worry, you have plenty of time to make up your losses.” The fact is, they were wrong! 

Those losses were real, they were painful, and they didn’t come back quickly. 

Again, in 2008 when the housing market collapsed and triggered the Great Recession, I lost 50% of my retirement savings along with millions of people across the country who were simply following the herd.

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Cost Of Inaction

Only about 59% of Americans have life insurance. Let that sink in for a moment....

Here are some of the things to consider if you are part of the 41% without life insurance and you don’t make it home tonight:

1. Who will pay for your funeral and final arrangements?

The average cost of a funeral today is over $9,000 and depending on your final wishes it could be much more than that. If you don’t have the proper coverage, your loved ones are stuck with the bill. Is that how you really want to treat the people you love?

2. What happens to your family if you leave them with excessive medical bills?

Critical injuries that result in death often come with a high price tag. Major medical insurance does not pay for everything. How will your family overcome the financial impact of this on top of your lost wages?

3. Are you living in a two-income family?  

How will the loss of your income impact your spouse and children? How will their quality of life be impacted by your inaction today? Can they remain in their home or will they be uprooted? How about your children’s education? Are you willing to handicap them early in life by leaving them without the financial resources to get ahead?

4. What will happen to your children if you are a single parent? 

Will you leave it to chance that they will have a proper home? What about clothing, food, and all the necessities of life for those who can’t make on their own yet?

Having a “Go Fund Me” page is not a reliable strategy when the unthinkable suddenly happens. And it happens every single day! 

Don’t let crippling debt and heart ache be your legacy. 

If you are without life insurance or feel the life insurance you have may not be adequate, contact us today. We will help you determine the appropriate amount of coverage to protect those who are most important to you. 

We have access to highly rated carriers that offer many options for affordable coverage.

Click on the button below and let’s start a conversation about how we can help you get the coverage that is right for you and your family.

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